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Pool photo courtesy of CDC Pools Chandler, AZ

swimming pool nighttime swimming pool daylight pool nighttime pool with crystals and mosaic spa spa with aggregates and fish mosaics walkway at night with aggregates garden walkway

Easily applied to concrete

•Extremely durable

•Safe and non-toxic

•Chemical resistant

•Non-fading (UV resistant)

•Carry a lifetime warranty

MysticGlo Aggregates are available for $55.00 per 1 pound bag, and come in five sizes: Large, Medium, Small, Fine and Extra Fine.

To achieve the starfield effect, aggregates are sold in a combination of sizes:

Mix 1:  Large, Medium, Small (best for Pools)

Mix 2:  Medium, Small, Fine (best of Spas and sidewalks)

     Mix 3:  Fine, Extra Fine (for grout and other small projects)

Available in four nighttime colors :

Aqua, Firefly, Glacier, and Sapphire

10-lbs will cover approximately 400-500 sq ft.

Applying MysticGlo Aggregates to your pool, grout or pathways is very simple and can be applied by your pool builder or general contractor.  We will ship the aggregates to you with instructions needed for proper installation.

$ 55.00  for  1-lb

$261.25 for  5-lb

$596.40 for 10-lb

$943.11 for 20-lb

MysticGlo Aggregates are very unique, small crystals that absorb energy from any light source and provide a lifetime afterglow for over 10 hours night after night.  

In the dark, they produce an afterglow which resembles thousands of small stars in pools, spas and walkways. They can simply be incorporated into a variety of construction projects and are only limited by your imagination.

Aggregates Nighttime Glacier Aggregates Nighttime Aqua Aggregates Nighttime Sapphire Aggregates Nighttime Firefly

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