Introducing StoneGlo Crystals!

StoneGlow Crystal pathway - Day
StoneGlo Crystal pathway - Night

These crystals are very unique small rocks that absorb energy from any light source and provide a lifetime afterglow for over 10 hours night after night. In the dark, they produce an afterglow that resemble thousands of small stars in pools, spas and walkways. According to a person’s imagination, they can simply be incorporated into a variety of construction projects. They range in size from large (1/4″ + or -) to extra fine powder (grain size up to 45 times smaller than regular granulated sugar).

To apply simply disburse them evenly over wet concrete to create magnificent nighttime star effects. They can be used in walkways, swimming pools, wall construction, floor tiles and waterfalls.

StoneGlo Crystals can be purchased by the pound (a 10 lb bag will cover approximately 400 sq. ft. of surface area).

If you are unsure of the look of your project you can order a sample pack from us for $20 (3 different nighttime colors) and when you receive it you can simply spread the crystals over a small portion of the pathway area you are thinking about applying it to and view the results at night.