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A Product of StoneScape Industries

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StoneGlo Crystals and Mosaics are new products that will turn ordinary projects into extraordinary works of art.  

StoneGlo Crystals are made with a photo luminescent, man-made chemical compound containing advanced phosphorescent particles which provide long-lasting afterglow properties.  These particles absorb light energy from natural and artificial sources, then gradually release the energy in the form of visible light that ‘glows in the dark’.  Glow crystals can be used to create an overall glow or can be used to create a magnificent star effect.  Once activated, ambient glow will last for over 12 hours.

StoneGlo mosaics are photo-luminescent mosaics that harness natural and artificial light sources, also providing long-lasting afterglow.  They are available in a variety of colors and can be customized to your taste.

Glow mosaics will take your pool or spa project to a new dimension.

Turn your World into a Galaxy of Nighttime Stars

As children, we were naturally attracted to things that glow in the dark.  From the allure of summer fireflies to simple plastic stars stuck to a bedroom ceiling, the neon glow of such products carries a whimsy we do not often see in adulthood — until now.